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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why Oh, Why Oh, Did I Ever Leave Ohio?

At home with the family, and the knight. My brother is in the pink shirt.

An Ohio fried pickle.

I just got back from a short trip to Columbus where I saw my brother Chris graduate from high school. The hardest part about going home to Ohio is leaving. I want nothing more than to live near my family. But it's so hard to convince the chef to move there. I don't blame him either. Columbus isn't known for its innovative food scene. Then again, who's to say Erik can't change that? It is a constant struggle with us, mostly after I get back from a trip to see my family.

It's not just because I miss my family, but aslo I can't imagine ever having children here. I just don't have the same support system. I've tried to root myself in this area, but it's not that easy when I'm alone myself most of the time. I am able to make connections here, but Erik and I, as a family are not. Ah, this is so hard! I struggle between wanting to be a supporting wife and wanting what I want!

For now, I'm loving the life I have and getting back home as much as I can. Maybe some day...



Anonymous said...

Do you think you and your chef want the same things in life?

Hilary Battes said...

Absolutely not. If we did then we'd never have any problems. But for the most part we see eye to eye on things. However it's the timing that doesn't quite match up. He's rather wait and when he's "bored" with NY maybe then we'll move. At least that's how I see it.

LA RN said...

I understand completely. Every time I go back to Oregon I come back wanting to move back, badly. Usually chef hubbie hasn't gone with me so doesn't feel the same pull that I feel. How to move away from a "foodie" town back to one that the best restaurants we turn our noses up at. (Did that make sense?) But you know what I mean. Maybe the time in New York is to help you find some investors so you can open the restaurant of your dreams in the town of your dreams!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to wanting to be closer to family. I have lived in California for 12 years and I'm ready to get back to Ohio too, where my entire family lives (Cleveland area)!

I'm lucky that my husband is onboard, but with the mortgage meltdown and the thought of having to start over again with jobs, etc. and move across the country is daunting........Hopefully we will make the move in the next 2-3 years when we can sell our house for a good price out here in crazy land! :)

Good luck to you on moving back to Ohio! Ironically enough, my husband and I are both trained chefs (attended CIA in Hyde Park), but both got out of the biz....


ChefDelbert said...

Real quick, as a chef who moved to Ohio from Philadelphia because my wife is from Ohio, MISTAKE ! Don't get me wrong, we own a rather large house for 10% of what it would cost in Bucks County, but the food scene here apart from Symon, Sawyer and Handke, is dismal.
We have great farms and no one is using them. We have wonderful vineyards and no one is carrying the wines. I am stuck in "little Italy" when it comes to restaurants. Every restaurant, no lie, is an Italian or Italian inspired shoe makers paradise. (no offense to shoe makers, my grandfather was one)
These guys who want to be called chefs are still doing plate presentaions with chopped parsley on the rims of the freakin plates ala late 1980's.
But if you are really wanting to move back to Ohio, maybe Erik and I could team up and set this state on fire !

ChefDelbert said...

Please see my comment clarification on my blog. Have a great weekend !