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Friday, June 20, 2008

Worst Mood Ever

I spent a good deal of my day searching for a Wii Fit with a balance board. What a waste of a day. The Target website had them as "available" at my local Target store. So I called and they confirmed that 7 were available. I dashed over and they acted like I was crazy. "We haven't had any in a few days"

Who did I talk to on the phone then? Her name is Kristine and she said, "Don't we have the Wii Fit?"
The obviously more competent salesperson said to her, "NO! Why'd you tell her that on the phone?"

Wasted time. I tried using trackers, checking individual websites and even Craigslist. You'd think I'd give up on that stupid Wii Fit, but I want it more now! But I'm not stupid-there's no way I'm paying double to get it on Ebay. Plus the Circuit City website said their Midtown location had one, but their phone number doesn't work. What on Earth is going on here?? I'm in the worst mood ever.


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