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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Life Through Dance

I love reality TV. All the drama, insincerity, and predictability make it a blessed break from real reality. One show that Erik and I watch is So You Think You Can Dance-so much better than Dancing with the Stars by the way. Last week one couple did a dance about a workaholic husband and his wife who wants him home. Sound familiar? The best part is this couple did a fantastic job and got great reviews. I love the end when Chelsea, the female dancer, throws a dance tantrum. Totally me. See for yourself:


PS It's good to be back home.


NikkiBee said...

I saw this! It made me cry, considering this is what drove me and my chef apart. (I still read your blog though because I love it!)

Thank you for posting this!

Love from Boston,

Anonymous said...

I love this show, too! And I agree, it's so much better than any of the other dance shows. Bravo's show was a big disappointment to me, I think this one has better choreography, and I think I just like the couples dancing better than the group dancing. This piece was awesome. I love Mark!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I could totally relate... so much so, in fact, that it made me cry. Not just a little misty in the eyes, but a severe tear-fest.

I now *have* to put this on my blog too!

Nik from Palm Springs(ish)

Jennifer Queen of Moser said...

I'm so happy I found this blog. It's nice knowing that other chefwives are out there - in the same boat.

Wilmington, NC