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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Matsugen, My Love

Photo courtesy: Eater

Matsugen (pronounced with a hard g sound) was fantastic! I know I'm a JG lover but I stand behind Matsugen. No sightings of Jean-Georges which was terribly disappointing but the staff more than made up for my lack of JG love. The servers were right on and the managers were attentive and polite. I was told that all the tableware was from Japan; each dish was beautiful.

Chefwife J, L and I were able to go into the kitchen and say hello to Chef Kyle Herman. What a charmer. He gave a tour of the fish tanks that divide one portion of the dining room and the kitchen. There are 4 tanks alternating between salt and fresh water. They had names for them all , some of which were originals from 66.

I am a self proclaimed NONfoodie so I'm not going to sit here throwing food adjectives at you like a pitching machine in a batting cage. But I will tell you my favorite part of the meal and things I think you should order (should you like my advice): deep fried shrimp cake & shitake mushroom (18.00), black cod with miso (22.00) (AMAZING AND SO WORTH THE PRICE!), Kizami-Kitsume fried tofu hot soba with scallion (14.00), and of course the sushi. For dessert: parfait, something with tomato (I forgot the name) and the grapefruit (it's so much fun!). Oh, and start with the Japanese pickles (5.00), they were so tasty/crunchy I could have eaten them by the bucket. In fact they inspired Chefwife J, L and I to do some summer pickling soon.

I loved it.

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Anonymous said...

Hil, is the original eel still in the fishtank? That one was my favorite.

Is Matsugen cuisine from the chefs from Tokyo or from JG?

Wanna see JG? Try lunch at the Trump when he is in NY. Yes, he is a little cherub isn't he? He is very handsome indeed and a fantastic creator of French cuisine.

Glad to hear the good news on Matsugen.