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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Smoke Pistol

Looks like a car part.

WTF is a smoke pistol? Whatever it is I got it for Erik's birthday. And by "got it" I mean I told him it was okay for him to buy it online. And his birthday was only 10 days ago. Oops. At any rate, this smoking gun thing is supposed to be able to smoke things with half and hassle and time of whatever people used to smoke food with. I obviously don't get it. Anyone with better knowledge is welcome to share.

But really? Really? This is what he wanted for his birthday? I can think of more interesting things like toothbrushes and Popsicle sticks. Maybe I'm just grumpy but I seem to be finding it harder and harder to maintain an active interest in what he does. I find myself checking up on Eater and Grub Street less and less. But maybe I'm just burnt out from my own stresses to take on the stresses of others. We'll have to see what the blog days of summer have me resorting to.



Anonymous said...

AND...toothbrushes and Popsicle sticks have many more uses! =)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny because that is exactly what my husband wants for his birthday (on the 30th). And cook books of course. I actually think 'work' bought him the smoker already. It always ends up that 'work' buys him what he wants. Funny how that works.

Trpa said...

I have a smoke pistol. It doesn't work. The pellets don't ignite. Do you know if your husbands SP works for him?

Butch Frost said...

I love my smoke pistol.Do not overthink the lighting of the cartridge, go to the www.smokepistol.com and watch the video on lighting them. I love it, because you can cold smoke cheeses, and other items the Gourmet stores over charge you on.