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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ko Girls

Two ladies in NY are using Craigslist to seek dinner dates to Momofuku Ko. They've already got the ressy scheduled for next Monday evening, they just need some gents to fill the other two spots. After reading their wanted ad I've decided it's a great idea. Why not? If they've got enough saavy to know about Ko and get a ressy at Ko, then they'll be fine should they have to smash a plate of microplaned fois gras in their dinner dates' faces. I hope there will be no need for that. However, some comment addicts on Eater view these ladies has "whoring themselves out". Although this method of acquiring dates is unconventional I wouldn't call it whoring, would you?

They were inspired by a male who used Craigslist as a springboard for a dinner date. See here for appropriate articles from Grub St:
May 19
May 20
May 23
May 27

The kind Ko Girls have agreed to fill me in on the details of the evening. Look forward to hearing about it next week.


Thanks again, Passion for sticking up for me on the Eater post!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think these ladies are "whoring themselves out". Yes, it is unconventional....BUT I've seem ladies do a lot more for a dinner date.
SOME comment addicts on Eater seem cranky.