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Friday, February 29, 2008

Careers Through Culinary Arts Program Fundraiser

Richard Grausman, Founder and President of C CAP

Through my husband's mother's boss's sister's program (CCAP) I was lucky enough to volunteer this past Wednesday with a fellow chefwife, J at their annual benefit. I can't think of a better program to support being a lover of all this education and culinary arts. From the CCAP website:

The Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) works with public schools across the nation to prepare students for college and career opportunities in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The 17-year-old national nonprofit provides Teacher Training, Scholarships, Cooking Competitions, Job Training and Internships, College and Career Advising, Product and Equipment Donations, and C-CAP Approved certification.

The event was held at Pier Sixty and honored Alfred Portale with tastings from over 35 restaurants including Aquavit, bd Bistro Moderne, Tabla, Dovetail, Gotham Bar and Grill, The Modern, Oceana, Telepan, Union Square Cafe, Blue Hill, and Del Posto.

Recently I've been thinking about how I can get the DCW involved in meaningful, selfless acts and I think C-CAP is just the place. I intend on doing all that I can to help this program as well as get anyone I know to jump on board. So, if you'd also like to volunteer at another event with me and J, then please email me. There are also many other ways to help, so please see their website. As powerful women we are lucky enough to be able to help programs such as C CAP and I hope that more opportunities to help will come our way.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

And then, I Met the Chef.

From a long time ago.
A good question was recently brought to my attention and I intend to find an answer. If chefs works so much and don't see the outside world until the early morning, then how in the world did we get lucky enough to capture and enslave them? (totally kidding about the last part)

I met a boy really, who grew up to become my husband. And no, that is not an insult. I met Erik when were in middle school. We dated from our freshman year until this very moment. And at this moment my man is playing a serious game of MARIOOOOO GALAXYYYY where his little man Mario is chasing a rabbit. (Or as Erik calls it: a rabbit mother-f***er)

But really, how did you meet your chef? At his restaurant? Were you working there? Did you meet in culinary school? Share your stories be they romantic, quirkey, or otherwise interesting.



Friday, February 22, 2008

Can your chef cook dinner from a box?

Melissa, also known as: Snack-Dater brought an interesting chefproblem to my attention. She’s got a chef who screwed up mac and cheese! That’s right, direct from the blue box - he made “runny and milky” macaroni. Since my chef’s most favorite comfort food is mac and cheese, I have not experience this. (and I am not proud of this in the least) Now, his over-salted ******* on the other hand will soon be the topic of a post entitled “Critique the Chef and Die”.

Anyways, I was wondering if there are others out there who have experienced a chef whose skills with prepared, packaged, processed food are sub par. And nothing against Mr. Snack-Dater; maybe he over thinks it. Maybe chefs bypass the scientifically tested directions because they are above them. Tim the Tool Man Taylor is coming to mind.

So, can your chef make a mean mac and cheese? Or does he burn hot pockets and pizza bagels? Be honest, is your freezer filled with fish sticks, french fries, and sausage links? Mine is.

Now I’m off to eat at Perry St since I’ve got a snow-white snow day to fill. Anyone care to join? I’ll be the lonely wife at the bar.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not JUST for ChefsWives!

I want to reiterate that on the DCW blog, ALL are welcome. Of course this blog is designed with the chefwife in mind-I know for a fact that there are foodies, chefs, and other non-wives who participate on this blog. I'd like to extend a cyber hand to Restaurant Bride (whose husband is a restaurant manager) and let her know that she is more than welcome to share her woes with us. Her most interesting and informational comment was left on the post "Welcome to the Chefs Wives Club".

RB wants to know if it is unhealthy for her to dream about the restaurant burning down (sans the victims). I don't care if it's unhealthy-it's what we do!

I think we can learn something from women married to managers since the experience many of the same difficulties as us as well as some new ones. Looking forward to it!


PS: RB, where does your hubby work? If you can say...if not, email me! desperatechefswives@gmail.com

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valetine's Day!

What a wonderful day filled with candy, flowers, candles, cards, and cute teddy bears adorned with red hearts!! Too bad they all came from my students and not my husband! Actually we both decided to have Valentine's Day sans the gifts. It just seems like "what's the point?" this year. I've finally realized V-Day is just another excuse to eat out. Well, I'm not falling for that anymore. We eat out ALL the time, so just because it's the 14th doesn't mean we are any more in love.

Our field trip to Tailor was cancelled due to lack of energy last Sunday. The winter blues are starting to kick in. Blah-where is March?

Now, as I'm kicking ass on [Teen] Jeopardy and grading science homeworks and I so grateful that I didn't put too much thought into this glorious holiday.



Did you give an amazingly noteworthy gift? Get something you're just dying to brag about? I'd love to hear about it.
Oh, and spell check is not working on my blogger so...sorry in advance.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

T Shirt Countdown!

I'll be honest and say that I'm a little upset about the lack of enthusiasum for the shirts; I could have sworn a lot more people requested them. Oh well.

I suppose this is your not-so-friendly reminder that Thursday is the last day that I will take orders. I will be placing the order this Friday. Also, if you've placed an order, please make sure to send in your payment.


OH, and this Thursday Greg Brainin, my husband's mentor/boss will be cooking "a romantic dinner for two" on Martha Stewart.

Friday, February 8, 2008

ChefWife SexLife

quality time, date nights, going out in the DAYLIGHT...

....things that suffer from being married to a chef. DingDingDing!

But do we need to add sex life to the list? I cannot believe I haven't blogged on this topic yet. Thanks go to an anonymous chefwife for bringing this to my attention. She mentioned possibly having to schedule snuggle time into her life. Hey, whatever works, right?

As for my chef and me-things are great and I would never complain about that. (well, not on here at least! ) A long time ago Erik said to me that intimacy should never be the most important thing in a relationship, but that it should be important. We keep that in mind and it's important to know that rolling in the sheets is always a connection between two people and you can make it as romantic or scandalous as you wish. But those chefs are good at making themselves completely undesirable when they come home with a foot odor that is clearly visible in the air.

Are there any daring chefs' wives who would like to offer their advice or present intimate situations? You can comment totally anonymously, too.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


In the middle of the night, clear as day my chef says to me:

"Did you get the food for Mr. Berry, the murdered circus performer?"

Now it's just getting creepy. I learned later that this came from a video game plot. Oh, dear.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Maybe That's Why They Call It Adour

I went to Adour last night. This is Alain Ducasse's latest and only U.S. restaurant located in the St. Regis hotel on 5th and 55th. I was thoroughly impressed with the French, yet still modern style. Although the walls were lined with fabric, I could appreciate the style as well as enjoy it. I was however dissapointed at the lack of a purse perch on my chair. I guess since we sat in one of the smaller rooms we didn't get the slide out purse stools. Why were we back in the little room...not a handsome enough couple? Couldn't be, must have been our obvious glowing love and thus unspoken need for a secretive room.

I loved the food, but duh-it's Alain Ducasse. The service was a ten so I'm pretty sure that these people are hoping for a couple of Michelin stars or so. The music was good, too. Frenchie and all, but trendy as well.

Now, the best part. There was a secret door in our little room. I was just itchn' to open it all night. Finally, when I was good and ready I peeled open the secret door.....electrical wiring....not what I imagined, but still.

...maybe that's why they call it A-door.


Plus, they have this amazing wine selecting device at the bar. The price of the bar is worth it alone. This thing is the latest in bartechnology.