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Friday, February 22, 2008

Can your chef cook dinner from a box?

Melissa, also known as: Snack-Dater brought an interesting chefproblem to my attention. She’s got a chef who screwed up mac and cheese! That’s right, direct from the blue box - he made “runny and milky” macaroni. Since my chef’s most favorite comfort food is mac and cheese, I have not experience this. (and I am not proud of this in the least) Now, his over-salted ******* on the other hand will soon be the topic of a post entitled “Critique the Chef and Die”.

Anyways, I was wondering if there are others out there who have experienced a chef whose skills with prepared, packaged, processed food are sub par. And nothing against Mr. Snack-Dater; maybe he over thinks it. Maybe chefs bypass the scientifically tested directions because they are above them. Tim the Tool Man Taylor is coming to mind.

So, can your chef make a mean mac and cheese? Or does he burn hot pockets and pizza bagels? Be honest, is your freezer filled with fish sticks, french fries, and sausage links? Mine is.

Now I’m off to eat at Perry St since I’ve got a snow-white snow day to fill. Anyone care to join? I’ll be the lonely wife at the bar.



Mandy said...

My boyfriend spends absolutely no time when it comes to feeding himself. It would be funny for the customers to know that after they spend hundreds of dollars at his restaurant eating gourmet dish after gourmet dish, their chef goes home and heats up frozen pizza pockets.

So no, considering that his diet consists of mostly junk anyway, he has also mastered the art of prepared, packaged foods!

PS You know what you should make a post about...? where the chefwives/chefgfs usually meet their hubbies and bfs. Chefs as we all know are like ghosts, so how the hell did we get our hands on these guys?! I'm curious to see what others say.

Hilary Battes said...

Good idea, Manda. I would also like to know how these chefs are being picked up. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

we still eat ramen. That was my version of comfort food, growing up. But we also dress it up with hot sauce, fried garlic, frozen veggies and meatballs. I'm sure it's still terrible for you.

Anonymous said...

This must be a universal truth about our chefs! My husband is banned from cooking any pre-packaged foods. Cooking Kraft Mac and Cheese al dente does nothing for it. And we had some sort of fiasco involving boxed stuffing. I've blocked out the details but it had to do with the addition of spices and probably balsamic vinegar....No more!

NikkiBee said...
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Anonymous said...

that's so funny.
Mine's great with anything that takes +30mins of preparation, but can't do those 2 minute asian noodles (..pour boiling water over them..) He alwys tries to get creative about it- not always a good thing with packaged food..

I think it's this 'I know all about food' attidude that stops them from reading and following instructions!

when working nights, he mostly lives off crips at home.. the processed food department is firmly in my hands!