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Monday, February 4, 2008

Maybe That's Why They Call It Adour

I went to Adour last night. This is Alain Ducasse's latest and only U.S. restaurant located in the St. Regis hotel on 5th and 55th. I was thoroughly impressed with the French, yet still modern style. Although the walls were lined with fabric, I could appreciate the style as well as enjoy it. I was however dissapointed at the lack of a purse perch on my chair. I guess since we sat in one of the smaller rooms we didn't get the slide out purse stools. Why were we back in the little room...not a handsome enough couple? Couldn't be, must have been our obvious glowing love and thus unspoken need for a secretive room.

I loved the food, but duh-it's Alain Ducasse. The service was a ten so I'm pretty sure that these people are hoping for a couple of Michelin stars or so. The music was good, too. Frenchie and all, but trendy as well.

Now, the best part. There was a secret door in our little room. I was just itchn' to open it all night. Finally, when I was good and ready I peeled open the secret door.....electrical wiring....not what I imagined, but still.

...maybe that's why they call it A-door.


Plus, they have this amazing wine selecting device at the bar. The price of the bar is worth it alone. This thing is the latest in bartechnology.


Anonymous said...


How does the pricing work? Any pre Fixes? Tasting menu's etc.

Hilary Battes said...

They have a 5 course tasting for a very resonable $110. Plus entrees, and I'm pretty sure there was a prix fixe, but don't quote me. I didn't really spend a long time looking at the menu. That secret door kept my attention the whole time.

Anonymous said...

That is very reasonable. I made a resy for Per Se but I am going to cancel and go to JG's instead. 800 for 2 is just baloney. That is to pay the rent at the TWC.

Speaking of only US restaurant... doesn't Alaine own "Mix" in Vegas????

Hilary Battes said...

Yes, Passion Mix by Alain Ducasse is in Vegas. How could I overlook that? I'm stuck in the NY bubble...via Jersey City.

Anonymous said...

Chef and I just went to Daniel last night and had a fabulous experience. $98pp for three courses, great service, loved the FEMALE maitre'd, Maite, and overall it was just fun.

chefmate said...

Hello Chefwives, I was thinking I should create a website for the partners of chefs... and so I searched first and found you all. THANK GOD!!! I cried when I read all of the posts about you all going through the same things as me. I am a girlfriend of a chef in Florida and the hours are rough on our relationship. I work in a preschool as a speech pathologist.
I was able to laugh and let go of a lot of my stresses after reading your posts - especially Chefmumbles, my chef has mumbled some funny ones... hard to remember now... DID YOU GET THE FISH? and I COULDN'T FIND THE STRING TO TIE THE FISH... now I can't wait for the next one.
It's a hard road... at least now I'm not alone in it!
Thanks chefwives.