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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valetine's Day!

What a wonderful day filled with candy, flowers, candles, cards, and cute teddy bears adorned with red hearts!! Too bad they all came from my students and not my husband! Actually we both decided to have Valentine's Day sans the gifts. It just seems like "what's the point?" this year. I've finally realized V-Day is just another excuse to eat out. Well, I'm not falling for that anymore. We eat out ALL the time, so just because it's the 14th doesn't mean we are any more in love.

Our field trip to Tailor was cancelled due to lack of energy last Sunday. The winter blues are starting to kick in. Blah-where is March?

Now, as I'm kicking ass on [Teen] Jeopardy and grading science homeworks and I so grateful that I didn't put too much thought into this glorious holiday.



Did you give an amazingly noteworthy gift? Get something you're just dying to brag about? I'd love to hear about it.
Oh, and spell check is not working on my blogger so...sorry in advance.


Anonymous said...

No sign of the chef yesterday (typical!) but I did get the most wonderful card from my six-year-old. Among other cute things, it said, "I love you varey much. P.S. Your grat." Better than anything my husband could have come up with!

We don't usually do anything for Valentine's Day anyway...sort of given up on the idea of actually seeing each other...so we just talk on the phone and say gushy, corny things which is just as nice as a box of chocolates. Oh, okay, not much competes with chocolate, but you get the idea!

Anonymous said...

Chef showed up at the bar where I work with a bag full of velvety red rose petals. He threw a big handful over me and reserved the rest for later, when we were weaving our way home. We threw handfuls of rose petals over ourselves in the foyer of our apartment building, laughing the whole time and leaving a beautiful mess for the super to clean up. Ha!


Hilary Battes said...

BB, It sounds like you had a romantic and carefree Valentine's. How sweet! Did you get a lot of stares in your bar for the petals? That's awesome.

Restaurant Bride said...
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Restaurant Bride said...

Hey is there room on this blog for a Restaurant manager's wife? As you might imagine, I'm terribly lonely. He spends all night schmoozing everyone but me.

Oh, here's a cute story: I was all excited b/c for the first time in our relationship, Valentine's day fell on his day off. When i asked what he wanted to do, his response (Manager, AKA "MAN"): "what do you mean? You know we don't celebrate valentine's day." Restaurant Bride(AKA RB): "Oh, uh, yeah, er, it's such a scam...but this is the first year you're off so I thought-" MAN: "It's our busiest day of the year! Do you really think I'd leave [UP-Useless Partner] in charge?" RB: "Sniff...sniff...WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"

So he went in on his day off.
...which is why I continue to refer to this "holiday" only as "VD"

OK, having shared that, I think maybe now I can sleep. Head high, brave women!

Anonymous said...

I've learned to always assume that they have to work on any major restaurant day like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day...did I miss any? If you expect them to have to work, you won't feel disappointed.

It's a good idea to plan an alternate day. I surprised my chef this past Monday with my Valentine's Day setup: poached pears with mascarpone, lots of candles, sexy music and a sexy outfit. He had no idea. His expression when he walked in the door was priceless.