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Friday, February 14, 2014

Marriage + Work =LOVE?

The city is buried in roughly two feet of snow, ice, slush, and sadness. And tonight while I was out shoveling the last slush layer up before the big freeze, I get a questionable glare from an uppity passer-by. What the heck? I'm just shoveling snow. A quick glance at my attire confirms that although my shirt is revealing a fresh Monsters Inc. tattoo on my midriff, I look relatively normal. So why the glare? Oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day! This lady must have thought I was 100% nutso for not only staying in, but choosing to shovel nonetheless.

Well who cares about her. I'm married to a chef. Chefs work all the time. And I love shoveling snow.

But no matter how much I miss seeing my husband, I still don't think I could work with him. But there are loads of restaurant couples out there that make it work successfully. One of which is includes Julie Vernick, my very first chef wife friend. Sadly, I lost touch with Julie and she moved to  Philadelphia with her husband. Together they work at Vernick Food and Drink. 

Zagat put together 14 lovely restaurant couples that are making it work in Philly. Check them out here. Do you think you could work with your chef? I know many of you do. Tell me about it. How do you get a break from each other? How do you handle workplace conflicts?

Well, whether you're noshing on a box of chocolates, gazing into the eyes of your loved one, or shoveling snow, I wish you a very special Valentine's Day.

Food is Love,