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Friday, May 11, 2012

Forgot To Tell You

Ok, so maybe I didn't really forget. I actually battled on both opposing front lines of "I should" and "I shouldn't". But after a long bloody battle, I've decided it's really only 5% bragging, not sure what the other 95% is, but here I am sharing anyways.

Erik was honored by Zagat as one of New York City's 30 under 30. We are both so proud, especially to be recognized by such an influential company as Zagat. And yes, he's back at Jean Georges. It's really the only place he should be, too. I feel like we are home. Yes, we. Every change he makes, is a change I make. I adore Jean-Georges and Erik's other chef mentor, Greg Brainin. They both played and continue to play a vital role in my husband's career. I respect them both in every sense of the word. Along with Erik's new chef de cuisine position, we've certainly dug our roots deep here in New York- we close on our first house on Tuesday.
Food is Love,

Erik Battes, 28
Chef de Cuisine, Jean Georges
-By Kathleen Squires
Jean-Georges Vongerichten had his eye on this rising star since Battes first stepped into the kitchen at Jean Georges as a 19-year-old CIA extern. Battes briefly moved on to Los Angeles to work at Water Grill under chef Michael Ciramusti, but soon found himself back at Jean Georges as a line cook. A year later, he helped openPerry St., where he was eventually promoted to chef de cuisine. But Battes felt the need to spread his wings, so he flew the JGV coop once again, this time to BLT Restaurants as a corporate chef. He couldn’t resist the lure of his mentor, however, as Battes has been recently named the chef de cuisine who will lead JGV’s flagship though its spring renovation.

But We Knew All of This

I've met plenty of chefs' wives and girlfriends to know that the biggest complaint is a close tie between the lifestyle of a chef's widow and the insult of the completely opposite fantasy world that most other people think you live in.

"Your husband must cook for your every night."- no
"Your husband should go on Top Chef"- why?
"I bet you eat so well"- yeah, at other people's restaurants

Sure it's frustrating, but how can we blame the uninformed public. They have no idea what it's like to marry a chef restaurant. Well fear no more ladies, the word is getting out there. With the hype of chefmania at its peak, other wives and girlfriends are sharing the truth:

The Date Report written by this blogger Frites and Fries

Just remember who was on the scene first bringing us all together. I kid, I kid. I love all the wives. 

Food is Love,