Speak Up

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rule Number 250

How could I not love Twitter after I just won $250 from Zagat!? The now household name of Zagat has once again entered its way into my house. I heard via Twitter that Zagat was holding a contest on their blog asking readers to write a new dining etiquette rule.    And I won!

If you had the chance to create a new dining etiquette rule, what would it be? No cell phones? no screaming babies? Wait for all the food to arrive before eating? No double-dipping? Let's hear what things are bugging you and what rules would squash those those irksome behaviors.

So what do I have to say to the good folks at Zagat? THANK YOU!

Food Is Love,

Here is my winning answer:

Thank you. It's as simple as those two little syllables (and eye contact, of course) One of the most basic feelings that all human beings have is the desire to be appreciated. That means a thank you to the hostess, server, bus boy, maitre'd, the chef if possible, and of course the person paying for the meal. Those two words go a long way. It's fast, painless, and free after all.