Speak Up

Sunday, March 25, 2012

So Where Are We?

I wish, I absolutely wish I had more time to blog. But as it goes, my plate is full, no pun intended. I'm teaching middle school (oh, the lovelies), running a school, house hunting, rearing a two year old, potty training a two year old, praying for chemo to kill all the cancer cells in my momma, and keeping my head above water- just barely above water. I just haven't got the time to spend blogging and again, I'd like to invite you to write a personal blog of your story: struggles and successes.

I love the way this blog brings women together and I need to keep that going.

Oh, and a bit of personal news: My husband Erik is the new Chef de Cuisine at Jean George. His first job was at jean George when he was 19. Now nearly 10 years later, he's back full circle. I couldn't be prouder, and he couldn't be prouder.

Food is Love,