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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Out The Door

We already went to the park once today. It seemed like a natural buzz to be there by the river with the breeze blowing the 95 degree heat into a seemingly peaceful 83 degree warmth. It's just now 8 o'clock and we were about to go again. I hear his phone ring, he doesn't, I bring it over to him, it's Perry St calling, he has to come in. DAMN IT. Jacques Something from the Michelin Guide is eating in 30 minutes. Erik's out the door. You know, if he was going to be on call like this, why not become a doctor? At least docs are on call to save lives and make BANK. My life is what it is. I am grateful for what I have. (that's my affirmation for the night)


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Anonymous said...

I remember those days!!! Thank goodness my Chef is the boss now....doesn't mean much really. Today is his day off and he has to go in for a meeting.
I'm not sure what he says about me when he is at work but...when someone from one of the restos calls our house and I pick up the phone they get all tounge tied and nervous. They must think I will put a spell on them if he has to come in. Maybe they think I'm a witch? Nope, just a Mom who likes Daddy to be with his kiddos on his day off. Same thing I guess. hehe