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Friday, June 13, 2008

Matsugen Opening Night

I love my chef!

He got chefwife J and I a table at Matsugen tomorrow night! I am so excited. I've been hearing all these things about this place and it has finally opened. JGM closed 66 a while back and it is now being reopened as Matsugen: an authentic Japanese eatery with hand cut soba noodles. I'll be sure to give updates on the evening sometime on Sunday. Jean Georges is flying in early from the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen to be there opening night. I hope I see him. He's my Alsatian heartthrob.

In other news, Eater didn't appreciate my lookalike photos. Screw them. I'm so annoyed too, because I thought mine were wicked good. Oh well.


I'm headed to HOBOKEN tonight for a friend's birthday. NOT somewhere I usually go, we'll see how this goes..


Anonymous said...

I am annoyed with Eater on your behalf, too. You should have gotten bonus points for actually being the lookalike - which was the point of the contest, I think. It turned into a "Who Can Google Better?" kind of contest.

Hilary Battes said...

Yeah what the who? I worked so hard on mine! I would post the picture but the blog and public and my life is not. The image of teachers is already tattered by the far less than moral teachers out there today. I better keep it PG here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're probably right about the pic....
Here's to you and ALL the teacher's that make GOOD choices!