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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sight of a Wife

Can't see it clearly!

After 25 years on this beautiful and fragile Earth, my eyes are starting to go! This wife needs glasses. Damn. What a year: my first gray hair and blurry eyesight. Thank goodness I still have my figure. And as I speak I'm out of breath from these forward rolls I saw some gymnasts doing. Try lying on your back then rolling up (to a complete stand) onto one foot while the other leg is completely extended in front. TOUGH.

But beyond that I'm grateful tonight that I don't have to pick up Erik from work. The PATH trains are down from the Jersey side up to 33rd St. The Holland Tunnel is closed one lane too, so no way. I wasn't thrilled about possibly having to get Erik at 1 am tonight and he gave me a hard time about it. I was honest and direct (something I work on with great effort) and he still got mad.

P.S. Shakes at Sonic are 99 cents; can't beat that!


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