Speak Up

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Number One

Last night Erik, his mother and I listened to a message on her answering machine. I've never heard anything like this in my life. You be the judge of who was calling. In a deep man's voice we heard:

Hey, it's Number One. Looking for my girls. Call me.

WHAAAT?! Automatically I thought pimp. Right?



Anonymous said...

OH MY....maybe a customer. If so, I guess he has been with them from the start...Number One

*~~*Inger*~~* said...

Ooooh, interesting!!! I keep getting phone calls from a very frantic mother of the bride. I don't have the heart to call her back and tell her she's got the wrong number. :-X
And today I got a call on my cell from a guy wanting to buy $640 worth of sneakers. He's meeting somebody today at 6 to get them, but it sure isn't me! LOL