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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Updates

  • The chef and I are going back to Los Angeles, after 4 long year, to see his folks and visit our old stomping grounds. I am very much looking forward to the beach, some El Tapatio burritos, and old friends.
  • It's hot hot hot out here in the Midwest and East. Some restos in Manhattan aren't even cooking on these scorching days. Eater
  • School is out in 5 days. Finally!
  • Erik is competing in a tofu contest in late July. That should be interesting, I hope I get to go.
  • The Picnic Club of NYC has still yet to meet, I'm sooo looking forward to it when they do.
  • I really need to update some of my links. I've got links to blogs that haven't posted in over a year. Really? That's just silly. Plus I'm missing tons of links. Got any suggestions of some of your favorites that pertain to this very specific blog?



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