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Thursday, June 19, 2008

California Love

My mother in law and graphic artist was lovely enough to fly us back to Los Angeles. We left in the summer of 2004 and haven't really looked back since. Next Monday we'll be off to visit the "suburban wasteland" that we were eager to leave four years ago. There isn't anything wrong with LA (the valley) but the summer we left I heard myself saying "enough is enough". The beaches are beautiful, the weather is perfect but the people can get a little shallow. Like it's any better in NY, but still. We needed a change of setting, and we're both quite content here.

I will be looking forward to visiting some of our old food stops. Unfortunately our favorite restaurant, Sabatino's, has shut down. It was this charming little Italian place with waiters who always remembered you, gingham table clothes, and the best pasta al forno I've ever had.

The one thing the LA has over NY any day is MEXICAN food. My mouth is watering thinking about El Tapatio. This is the place for 5 pound burritos and an horchata blend that melts in your mouth. They played loud mariachi music on a jukebox and sold homies out of 25 cent machines. I cannot wait to go back for a super burrito with carne asada.


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One Fat Chef said...

Hahahahah I remember buying homies! Bring back some mexican food for the rest of us!