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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back from LA

Love California Sun!


Best burritos ever!

After a pleasant trip to LA I'm feeling relaxed and ready to go back to work. You may have read in a previous post that Erik and I thought it was weird being there. An odd experience, like going back in time only with better clothes and more responsibility. We did get to hit some of our favorite local eateries. El Tapatio, has got the best super burritos and horchata in town. We also got to scarf some serious double western bacon cheeseburgers from Carl's Jr. I've learned that the west coast may not hold a flame against NY for fine dining, but they have got the best selection of fast food and Mexican ever imagined.

We spent some time at the beach where I was attacked by the ocean. I ripped up my toe trying to escape from a wave and save my pocket book. After diggin out the sand from my infected toe I realized it was a small price to pay for my imitation Prada.

I'm glad I was able to visit. We should go more often to see his folks. Right, as soon as Erik gets more time off we'll be all set. I like the Valley and LA. There is something to be said about a city that rears you. I spent the better part of my childhood, teenage and early adult years there. I just couldn't ever go back for good. When I left 4 years ago it was a difficult time. My family already moved back east to Ohio, I was in turmoil with friends (whom I've now reconnected with-yay!), and I was really angry at that particular time. I guess I just boxed up all my things-both literal and figurative- and moved on. That part of my life is over and as much I'd like to go back, I can't.

I'm home now and I'm leaving again on Friday to visit my family for a long 10 day stay in lovely Ohio. I hope the 8 hour drive doesn't kill me.


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