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Monday, July 14, 2008

Love These Wives

You may feel like this on the day you marry a chef, but the feeling will go away.

If you haven't checked out the comments from the previous post, please do so . It was wonderful reading what you all had to say about being married to a chef and the big D (divorce). Call me a sentimental Sally but those comments are inspiring. We've got it rough and we know it. We work at it, we struggle, we seek support, but we manage. And I think we're doing one heck of a job, too.

Keep at it, wives!

I know there are a lot more people who read the blog and don't comment. If there is anyone who does feel like divorce may be the only way out, please COMMUNICATE with your chef. Email me too if you'd like. But we are all here to help, too.



Anonymous said...

I think divorce happens when there are too many things/situations that you don't like about the person you are married to. It's a numbers game. The best marriages are the ones where both accept the flaws but stay and love anyway. Provided the flaws are reasonable and not abusive.

Anonymous said...

I think the key to a strong relationship comes from the answer to this question: Can you be PATIENT with your partner for the rest of your life? Patience=successful marriage. Anger, frustration, hours, finances, etc...patience. Lots of it. That is love :)

I hope you realize- you are helping more than just chef wives!