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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chef and Wife

Liberty Church, where I tied the knot.

Thanks to everyone who wrote such honest and authentic comments for the last two posts. Divorce is a serious issue and we've all had to approach it. Everyone who makes the vows of marriage also makes a commitment to do everything they can to avoid the big D. Actually I've lost a couple participants to this site because they've since dumped their chefs. In the end it's about being a good fit for each other.

I think "mplschefwife" (Mineapolis ChefWife) said it best in her comment. She says that it's important for wives to support their husbands, no matter the career. And I agree. I'd also like to take it one step further and say that husbands should support their wives as well. We should all be each other's biggest fans.

Marriage is tough work. The rewards are great, I mean having a lifelong companion and lover is a beautiful thing, but it certainly doesn't come without its difficulties- no matter who you're married to.