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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Educational Support

Although this blog is mainly a source of information for chefs' wives and the like it does involve a lot of aspects of my own life and I'm in need of some support. I found a great site for educators called Donors Choose. On this site, teachers make lists of things they need, write proposals and donors choose which school/teachers/causes to financially support. My proposal will end in September and if I don't have enough funds, I don't get anything.

My proposal is Magnetic Math, a resource of large math manipulatives for my second graders to help teach math concepts that will be carried over into third grade and beyond. Please forward my proposal to any philanthropists or wealthy lovers of education you know or even any teachers you know who work in low income schools or who can't afford materials they need. Thanks for passing it on!


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Anonymous said...

Why is there a picture of Erik & Wylie when I click on Magnetic math?