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Friday, July 4, 2008

God Bless America

Happy 4th everyone! I'm driving to Ohio today for some home-grown family loving. Wish me luck on the long drive because 8 hours is a lot of hours. I'll try my best to post during the next week, but I am on vacation. I will miss my chef terribly! I hate leaving him, but in order to function properly I need to be able to get some family time in.

Today (after driving), I'll be busy choreographing the annual 4th of July dance with my sisters and cousins, eating some serious pork and farm fresh corn, watching fireworks from the top of the hill at Gram and Pups, and playing with my foster cousin Dominique.

The 2006 4th of July dance. Truly some of my best work.


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Anonymous said...

4th of July with the family....that video is great! It put a smile on my face! I am on my way to our neighborhoods fishing derby for kids. By the way, my daughter has won the last 4 years for the MOST fish. (48 last year) She said this year she would let someone else win for MOST and try for BIGGEST. Isn't that sweet of her. HA! She's getting quite the ego. Could she get the ego from her chef Father? humm
Have a great time with your family and with the dance!
Be safe!