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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top Chef Attacks New York

According to a blogger named Snack, Top Chef will be coming to New York for its fifth season. Wow Bravo, how long did it take to bring this culinary cage fight to the food capital of the world? Yes, I agree that Frisco, LA, Miami, and Chicago are all great locations for food happenings but New York is the place for food happenings. It seems like Top Chef has a lot of chefstestants/judges/guests from NY anyway.

I'm excited to see the events they cook for as well the chefs they work with. No doubt there will be a lot of runs to the farmer's markets and maybe even something to do with the Food Network headquarters...a mock cooking show like The Apprentice did home shopping? Oh and look for more Gladware, loads of Gladware. I'd like to see them do something in Brooklyn, too. It seems like there are endless possibilities for quickfire/elimination challenges. Looking forward to it.

How's this for a quickfire challenge? Cook a 3 course luncheon in a 550 square foot 1st floor apartment in a 4 story walk up then serve it to the Desperate Chefs' Wives on the roof. I'm down.



Urban Gigolo said...

Chicago has nothing on New York...

Hilary Battes said...

right? we're awesome!

Anonymous said...

I think a challenge involving chefwives would be VERY interesting!