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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late Night Meals

This is dangerous.

Since Perry St, and most restaurants, are open until at least 11:30 PM I don't see Erik until the darkest hours of night. When he comes home, he's hungry. In a perfect world he would slow down at work and take some time to eat something healthy. This world is far from perfect.

Erik comes home and all he wants is to eat something tasty, quick, and fulfilling. Unfortunately I'm not a great cook and I'm busy too so when Erik comes home he doesn't put together the best meals. His top late night meals:
  1. Frozen pizza. It's always stocked in our freezer and ready to be heated up piping hot with melting cheese and crispy dough. It has like 10,000 calories per slice, but it's sooo good.
  2. Leftovers. I'm not about to make a complete meal at 1 AM so we rely on the food from the previous day. This can include: meatloaf, pasta, burgers, burritos or Italian sausages.
  3. Grilled Cheese. Oh, there is nothing better than a crispy, buttery sandwich of sharp New York Cheddar cheese.
  4. Chili Dogs. Now this is one late night snack I just can't eat. I love a good hot dog, but for some reason one smothered in chili and cheese is just repulsive. But Erik swears by them.
  5. Wings and Fries. We haven't done this one in a while but we've had some great late nights snacking on spicy boneless wings and buffalo fries with ketchup and Frank's Red Hot sauce.
  6. Gyros. He picks them up from a Greek resto in the West Village on the way home. As much as I hate eating late at night I'll never turn down a juicy gyro.
  7. Ice cream. Not necessarily a meal, but it's always a good go-to for a late night snack. We're big fans of cookie dough and anything with chocolate chunks.

This is NOT any way to end a long working day just before crawling into bed. I'd love to make sure Erik has got healthy, fulfilling meals to have late at night, but I'm stumped for ideas. Got any? What does your chef eat at night? Does he even eat at all?

I guess I better start changing my late night menu. In the meantime I've got to find one of those Wii Fit games. Everyone who has one says they love it and they have all lost weight. The things is it's impossible to find! The price is nearly doubled on ebay, so that's not even an option.


Anonymous said...

Love the photo!!! What more could a man want? A beautiful lady with a giant pizza.....
My chef saw the feet in the sink photo and thought I should wash dishes that way. HA! If he sees this photo of you and the pizza...I'm in trouble. ;)
I don't have too many ideas for feeding your chef.
One thing.... I cook off a BIG bag of pasta and keep it in the fridge. I try to always have pasta but last night I didn't....he always calls on his way home so we can have some talk time. Last night in mid sentence he said I'M HUNGRY! I started pulling everything I could out of the fridge for him to have hotdogs. He puts EVERYTHING on them. I'm not even kidding...it's gross. He had 6by the way. At least he eats them on whole grain bread. He will also stand in the same place he made his plate (if he has one) and eats half of it then goes to sit down. Like his feet won't move without getting fuel...how does he run around a resto kitchen with no fuel but can't walk to a table at home? Does your chef do that? Drives me nuts.
I also keep protein powder for shakes and protein bars. My chef is 6'3" and is holding at 170 lbs. The last resto he opened he got down to 151... He now eats at least one meal while he's at work because I told him if he got down to my weight I would divorce him. (I was kidding...sort of) It was really a mag story on skinny chef's that did it....he was part of that story. If you call him skinny he is like a woman responding to her husband saying her jeans make her look fat. HA! I just like to think he was listening to me and that's why he eats.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I live in Bklyn and my chef lives in Hoboken. When he comes to my apartment after work he passes a pizzeria on the way from the subway. He always orders a "round" slice, a Sicilian slice, an order of buffalo wings (which he ALWAYS COMPLAINS ABOUT), a pepperoni roll AND a Jamacain beef patty. He always pays by his credit card and always complains of a stomach ache at about 1:30am.
In Hoboken he doesn't eat for some reason. He comes in, as he is taking off his backpack he gets an ice pop out of the freezer (mainly orange) and then walks to his room with the pop. He then comes out with the finished wrapper, pours himself two glasses of water, not one - but two, gets another ice pop and then goes to the bedroom to go to bed. Plastic ice pop wrappers all over the bedroom....
They are a strange bunch aren't they??


Anonymous said...

for us, it's always frozen chicken nuggets or chicken pot pies. And the occasional crackers + philly cheese.