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Friday, June 20, 2008

I wish I were a Vegatarian (again)

I went Veg for a year when I was in college. I really did like it. It made food shopping and eating out a lot more difficult, yet interesting and challenging. I became a vegetarian after watching a few videos on PETA's website. I just couldn't stand for the cruelty of animals. I didn't want to support an industry that tortures God's creatures.

I stopped after a year because I couldn't handle it. I was gaining weight from eating too much starch to fill me up from lack of protein; I just couldn't cut it. But now I think about the pain and suffering that animals go through and it breaks my heart. I feel so guilty. But how on Earth could I become a vegetarian when I'm married to a chef? I know there are great vegetarian restaurants and dishes, but tasting menus at fine dining restaurants don't accommodate the needs of a picky vegetarian eater.

So until I have my own farm and I'm able to raise my own cattle and poultry and humanly "do away" with them I'll be an ignorant eater of meat.


Anonymous said...

Check out todays blog @ eater.

You rock !!!

Hilary Battes said...

not really. enjoy it while it's there because my [insert macho insult here] husband made me email Eater to take it down. Isn't he sweet? My stomach is in knots right now and I'm so embarrased. I like the picture but I guess the almighty husband had the final say on that one.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you anyway.

Anonymous said...

i try to buy/eat good quality meats from good family farms relieves some of my guilt...and i try not to eat meat everyday...thus helping to create less demand...i'm a total oxymoron considering i went to the natural gourmet institute for my chef training- a vegetarian-based curriculum, but it was the best 4 months of vegetarian/vegan eating i've ever had! let me know if u want some easy, satisfying recipes for veg food~

Anonymous said...

You are better looking then Rachel Ray anyway...U got my vote as well.

Zoey (PassionFoodie)

Anonymous said...

I voted for you too! Your husband should be very proud!

Anonymous said...

i think fine dining establishments will accommodate for vegetarians - my friend always orders a vegetarian tasting (including no seafood) at all the restaurants (Jean Georges, Daniel, Per Se, etc. etc.. )when we go eat. now, i don't know if they hate doing though. i love meat, so i guess i never really thought about it... but i guess it's doubly harder when married to a chef!!