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Monday, May 11, 2009

Stopping Power

I read other blogs written by chefswives (see the DCW blogs on the right) and I've noticed that other chefs seem to cook more for their wives. Ah, yes I remember a time when my chef would cook a couple days a week. What happened? It's been months since he's made anything using his chef skills. Don't get me wrong, I love pasta with sausage, but any Food Network fan can make that. I want some scallops, butter sauce, bitter greens salad. I want wine with my meals, and I want to use a napkin and sit at the kitchen table! Our table seats six and the only time anyone sits here is to use the computer.

I've asked Erik to make more food at home, and he did, once. I don't want to push it too much because I know he doesn't really like cooking at home. Perks of being married to a chef?-yeah right. It's not even about the food either. It's about feeling worthy of some attention and feeling cared about. Any Peter Eater with a ressy to Perry St gets the 3 star treatment from Erik. Just not his wife; it's sad really.

We'll see what happens when he reads this.



psa ri said...

I hear you Hilary! I wonder if they just get burnt out from cooking so much at work?
I hope Erik surprises you with a nice little feast for you soon :o)

STSChefWife said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and haven't commented yet (I hope to start commenting more..)

I am a fairly new Chef Wife (to a female chef) - while not married, we have been dating for a little under a year.

I have smiled and also teared up a few times at your posts. I am realizing the "struggles" and such of being a Chef Wife.

This post hit home more than others because I also believe that food = love. I love when my chef cooks for me...which is seldom. I was spoiled by a previous partner who used to be a chef - but changed careers and had the time to prepare delicious meals most nights. Little did I know dating a working chef would change what I eat - and when :)

We have two nights off together a week - which I am so grateful for, but I hate to even mention cooking for me, as she does it all week.

What do you end up making yourself for dinner? :)

married2thecook said...

okay so you hit on something here that is one of my biggest peeves...when people say to me "oh my god! your husband is a Chef you are SOOOOO lucky!"....as if I get foie gras and rack of lamb every night...cereal is a 3 meal a day experience sometimes! and lucky? seriously did you eat out friday or saturday night, because i didn't...since you were... get it....but i sound bitter...which I am not but I do think that there is a delusion out there that it is all sexy and amazing. Also I think that the movie Spanglish...seriously messed people up...thinking that they are home to cook breakfast for your kids (hello, honestly tell me - who has a Chef that gets up before 10 - if they do not have to? mine does get up in the AM now but only because it is the only hour he sees our daughter all day...but prekid - NO WAY!)....and the elaborate meals...you are nuts! hello....

and then there is the "oh we'd have you over but I am so afraid to cook for your husband, why don't we just come over there' I try and explain that his mom's tuna casserole (ick) is his favorite meal...or ANYTHING he doesn't have to cook himself....

okay so I clearly needed to vent ;-) thanks ....

Hilary Battes said...

Lee, You've given me some great ideas to write about...Thanks!