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Monday, May 25, 2009

Top Chef Masters

Bravo's attempt to gain a summer audience with Top Chef Masters hadn't really intrigued me at all. I like Top Chef, but I like it for the bickering, the judges' blunt honesty, and the crazy personalities. I didn't really imagine that the show would be as interesting with the "masters" such as Anita Lo, Hubert Keller, and Rick Bayless. They won't be living together, duh-these are real chefs and they have restaurants to run. They are all very talented so I picture them all cooking quickly and cleanly, getting good reviews from all the judges. I mean who is going to be nasty to Christopher Lee? But they I heard Wylie Dufresne (WD~50) was going to be on the show....in that case! I've been lucky enough to meet Wylie a couple of times and I just think he's keen. Seriously he's one of the nicest, most genuine chefs I've ever met. Even though he beat Erik (by one small point) I'm looking forward to watching him win some money for his charity Autism Speaks.

Top Chef Masters premiers June 10th at 10PM.

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Anonymous said...

It's actually the only episode i've watched! Wylie is a really great guy. He gave my husband and I a tour of the kitchen. I felt like i was being taken through the nasa space station :)