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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Food Is Love

Per my own advice I decided to tell the chef that I wanted and needed him to cook more for me. We talked about the impact of food and in the end we both agreed: Food Is Love. I've always known this to be true since working at my charter school (one of the original 13 in NJ). When children steal food it's not because they are bad or seeking attention or hungry. It's because they crave nurturing and food is a way to be nurtured-either acquired legally or not. It breaks my heart when a student steals because it raises the question, "What is really going on here?" It's never about the food. Think back to your own childhood and I'm sure you can related many loving memories to food. Your parents could have been the worst cooks but the food came from them and it meant something. I'll never forget how my family spend most nights choosing things from the Wendy's value menu. That fast food and the process of getting it had a powerful impact on me.

I've also learned that one way to impact a child and show them love (in a politically correct, 2009-way) is to give them food. In the beginning of this school year I knew a particular second grader would give me some grief. She didn't have the best upbringing so far, but it was getting better. I worked it out that I gave her some food from the cafeteria each morning. She could have gotten it during breakfast but I made sure I was the one handing it to her. It was always something small like a package of gram crackers or a bag or animal crackers. That student has made a complete turn around and she doesn't know it but she'll be student of the month this June. Of course, it's not all due to my giving her food each morning, but it certainly helped to strengthen our relationship. If you get love, you give love.

Last night I was treated to sautéed Sea Scallops with Lemon Braised Artichokes, Asparagus and Spring Onion with Bacon-Fat Mashed Potatoes. It was fantastic. I definitely experience umami after the scallops. I can't wait to leftovers tonight. And the best part is that Erik and I decided to make a big meal like this on a regular basis.

Food Is Love


SarahWM said...

I'm so jealous that he made scallops for you at home! Adam will make pretty much whatever I want if I come to his work, but he rarely cooks like that at home. Yay for you guys working out this little bump in the road :)

Go Erin Go said...

Yeah!!! So glad you were able to enjoy some good home cooking by your chef. I agree, food is love, glad you got some lovin'!

DCW_Chapel Hill