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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies

I think the holiday itself is a little ridiculous in that it funnels all love for Mother's to a certain day. But I'm glad it gives us the opportunity to pamper our mothers. Maybe there are some people who only show mom love on the second Sunday in May each year. I bet their mother's realy look forward to today.

Summer, 2008

My mom is perfect.Not Martha Stewart Perfect. Not Heidi Klum Perfect. Not Hillary Clinton Perfect. She's Hilary Anne Perfect. She uses a pizza cutter to cut up pancakes and she's not afraid to swindle that thing in her purse to IHOP. She swiped a magazine from her dentist because Jean-Georges was on the cover of it. Her hair and make up are always done for any errand. She taught me the power of Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx.

Mother's Day 2002

Two years ago my sisters taped her dancing without her knowing it and put it on YouTube. She found out later, and laughs it off. It's got over 11,000 views. What's a few more?

Good thing she can't work the Internet. Love you Mom!

I hope you all have a Mother's Day that suits you perfectly. I'll be at home today since the chef has to work on his day off. Too many mom are eating at Perry St today! Oh well, Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!


Anonymous said...

My chef usually has Sundays off and I happily had visions of spending mother's day with my chef and one-year-old mini chef. (Along with sweet promises of breakfast in bed!).

However, Sunday brunch began to look like a typical holiday and my chef went in to work on his day off, alas..it was a mother's day alone with just the mini chef. (he can't quite cook yet...just bangs the pots and pans)

I was so sad and heartbroken and then felt silly for being so upset about this. I KNOW that every holiday is pretty much a solo flight for me and I have actually gotten pretty good at letting go of the holidaze concept of "family time".

But I can't help but wonder....if I got this crushed, what's this going to be like for our little mini chef when he's old enough to know that papa chef isn't around on holidays?

Any words of wisdom or advice from other chef baby mamas?

psa ri said...

Oh, the fact that often we can't celebrate the holidays on the actual day has the potential to get really depressing if you think about it . . .

BUT it feels much better if you accept that you won't get to celebrate Valentine's Day with your Chef on February 14th and you don't get to celebrate Mother's Day with your Chef on the 2nd Sunday in May.

AND it feels even better if you find something different & fun to do on the actual holiday and you can celebrate those holidays with your Chef on a different day.

Believe me, I spent many holidays in the beginning of our relationship wishing it could be different. However, it's not & it won't be, so acceptance & re-creation of the holidays on different days has helped me tremendously! Good luck!

Hilary Battes said...

I'm so sorry he had to work on Mother's Day! I can't say my Mother's Day had the same impact since I'm no mother, but I know the feeling of abandonment. I think we just have to accept the life we have and make the best of it. I'm always saying to Erik: "This is the life we lead. This is it". We can either take it for what it is or mold it into something else...like changing the holidays. Great idea!