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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Toys

The chef's birthday is May 28, exactly two months after mine. Older and wiser. He begged for this super expensive Nikon D5000 camera. Arg. Of course, he had to set his heart on something that should be equal to three or four birthdays combined. But he has it now. I thought that would be the end of camera-talk, camera-websites, and camera nonsense. HA. I got home at 5:15 today and I haven't said more than a few words to the chef who's been to preoccupied with his new toy to notice me.

I'm really glad he has this new hobby, but this is my only night of the work week to have an adult conversation after spending all day with second graders. Oh, I love doing voices when I read, tying shoelaces, and grading papers but I'm only human and I need something stimulating. I guess I can't expect Erik to drop all of his interests to spend his only free time with me. And if that's going to be true then I've got to make sure I'm not sacrificing my independence either. It's 8:20 PM and I'm going to bed to read a book.
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Anonymous said...

So my Chef's b-day is today but of course we celebrated Sunday because today is a work day for him....and i gave him (my error will i never learn!) A16 cookbook as a gift and of course lost him for the rest of the night! hoping next Sunday night finds one of those pages coming to good use in my kitchen!

we have to stick together...it is lonely out there some days...

Hilary Battes said...

I guess we both painted ourselves into a corner. Next year he's getting clothes.

Unknown said...

My chef's birthday is exactly two months after mine, too! Crazy.

He also wanted to pick up photography and take a college class. I said, "With what free time?"

Laura, Reno