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Monday, July 21, 2008


What a waste of money. For every dollar that Erik spends I save two. Now partly that's my own controlling nature and a desire to save money. But partly-he spends money on unnecessary things.

We have computer. It's a laptop, too and it's only three years old. It has never had a problem and it's fast. Not only that, but Erik is never home to use it! He's always at Perry St. working and when he is home, he hardly uses the computer. If he said that he wanted to make movies and edit photos and do all the macbook things then I MIGHT think it's reasonable, but he doesn't. He hasn't said anything about WHY he needs it. Because he doesn't. He has even confessed that he loves opening new electronics from the packaging, organizing the parts and reading through the manual. COME ON. That's lame. The government rebate check just came he thinks he's got to spend money like it's going to start rotting.

I want things too. Big things: a home, a baby, other random wishes too but I SAVE for them. What a waste when I see Erik spending all the dough he wants and I've got to wait another five years for my savings to start paying off. This sucks.

Oh, and he just bought the new 3G iPhone last week. If this is only child syndrome, then I don't know what is.



Anonymous said...

My Chef got himself the new iPhone, too! I refused to wait in line with him, I thought the whole thing was ridiculous. He waited 7 hours!!! Are you kidding me?? And he's been complaining about it, too, and I thought, well, you should've waited to see what everyone else said about it before you jumped in. I think it's more of a classic male-female thing, where I simply do not understand the obsession with electronics. I am right there with you, Hilary, I try to save for things and only buy what I can afford. I've wanted a ridiculously expensive face cream from Fresh since wintertime, but I'm prioritizing RENT and BILLS right now, so it's frustrating to see him cave to his, what was it, $200 whim? toy? I don't even know what to call it. I can't resist a little wound-salting whenever he's annoyed with something about his new phone. He also bought himself a new laptop, saying it was for the restaurant. Mmm-hmmm, sure.

Truthfully, this is such a classic husband-wife scenario that I feel like a cliche.


eric said...

oh come on! let your boy have his stupid things! after all, it is an intrinsic part of why you love him!

Hilary Battes said...

he bought it!! thanks to my teacher discount.

ChefDelbert said...

C'mon we need toys to blow off stress and steam when the front of the house pisses us off. At least it was a one time $1000 purchase and not a multi grand a week habit like I was spending when I was your ages. Be glad his addiction is electronic toys and not chemical alteration. Thankfully I have replaced the poison with gardening and old age.
Have fun and keep the business in check.

Hilary Battes said...

Ok! Erik is definately getting support from his chefmates. Delbert, you're right about one things his electronic addiction is better than an addiction of other sorts. I'm grateful for that.

NikkiBee said...

I am a loyal mac/iphone user.. . you just cannot question the apple obsession. Once you have it, it never goes away..

Jennifer Queen of Moser said...

hear hear! i heart mac. till death do us part.