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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Milk Bar

I was reluctant to go to Milk Bar, David Chang's newest eatery, because I'm not really a dessert person. It's not that I don't like dessert, I just don't like it after I eat. I like cake and ice cream, cookies and chocolate as much as everyone else, I would just rather eat them in the morning. But we were a few blocks away from Milk Bar on Sunday, which is attached to Momofuku so we walked over.

The size is small with tables to rest your elbows on (don't tell Molly Manners) but no chairs. They've got a generous menu with pies, cakes, soft serve, cookies, flavored milk (a la Milk Bar) and even those delicious pork buns Mr. Chang is so famous for. The blondie pumpkin pie was so good I felt guilty eating it. The soft serve flavors we got were snicker doodle and fudge brownie and they were tasty, too. But my favorite thing was the corn cookie. I love corn. I love cookies. I really love corn cookies. I liked the open kitchen, it definitely made the place feel warmer and more roomy.

BUT as much as I love Mr. Chang, I've got to give him some advice. And please, Mr. Chang-these are free. Let's call them your Christmas present.

1. Speed up the service! I don't mind waiting for quality food, but the pies, cookies and cakes were already made. Pre-cut those suckers.

2. If #1 is not an option for you, may I suggest this: I didn't order a drink because I wasn't thirsty. But after all those sweets I wanted a soda really bad. The thing is, the line was out the door. I wasn't about to wait 30 minutes for a drink. So, what you could do is get a vending machine with your own drinks in it. You know, flavored milk and Dr. Pepper. I'd pay double to have a cool drink ASAP.

Hope this helps!

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