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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Sans the Chef

View from above the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2007

Of course Thanksgiving is without the chef. I couldn't imagine it any other way. Well, that's not true. I can imagine a long drive back to Ohio to eat a 32 pound turkey and mom's famous cheesy "bataduhs" while sitting around the table laughing at old time. Wow, I've got some wild imagination because that won't be happening for at least another 78 years.

Now, normally I wouldn't be so bummed out around Thanksgiving. I'd drive to Ohio, or my folks would head out here for some NYC holiday magic. NOT THIS YEAR. My weekend is too short for the drive and my folks and brothers and sisters aren't able to come out. Boo freaking hoo, I'm mad. What the hell and I supposed to do on Thanksgiving? Have dinner with my cats? Has my life turned into that of a middle-aged homebody eating a microwavable TV dinner, watching Will and Grace reruns on TV? No, not yet at least.

I'm contemplating a few things. But nothing is as good as eating turkey with the fam and decorating for Christmas with my favorite holiday album in the background.




Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear bout the lonely thanksgiving...Its cool though to hear how you're willing to put up with all that for your chef. I'm a chef myself and just want to know, how do i meet someone who wont mind the hours i put in...I mean i love my job to death but its hard meeting a girl who puts up with that...


San francisco, CA

Anonymous said...

I feel ya, sister. It sometimes sucks to think about those holidays alone (esp Valentine's Day and New Years), and it is depressing to think about the fact that you can't just "have dinner together" whenever you want, or "go to the movies" (all that stuff other couples take for granted). But then again...
1) I don't know about you but my chef is the coolest guy I've ever met
2) I've never been more well-fed and never have had more to brag about when it comes to chatting with the girls (especially when he is able to make whipped cream and lemon tart from nothing but scratch just because I was craving it)
3) Absence makes the heart grow stronger!

Wish we chefwifies could hang out in situations like this!

PS umm I love the fact that a chefbachelor has responded to this post!!! You should get his point of view!

Anonymous said...

And just in response to chefbachelor KC - chefs have this unmistakable, charismatic appeal, so attracting a nice girl shouldn't be a problem. And once a girl likes you, she will put up with the hours that you work, because she will love the fact that you're a "chef" as a part of your identity as much as you do, as well as all the other wonderful things about you. It is not always easy for the her (us), but it makes staying up past her (our) bedtime just to catch you coming home from work, when it feels like she (we) haven't seen you all day, so worth it!

Hilary Battes said...

Hey KC, You are asking quite a loaded question. Logically most chefs meet their mates in the business. BUT life isn't always logical. My best advice is to let the meeting part happen on its own and use everything you've got to make it work! Communicate with her and of course, send her to my site!

Thanks for visiting-I love the chef's perspective.

Anonymous said...

Ahh...I know exactly what you mean. I am fortunate because my family is coming to visit us this year. My chef will be working, of course, but we are able to have a family meal together on Wednesday (my chef is a sous chef so he's off mid-week). Anyway, I was struggling with what to do on Christmas when I will inevitably be left at home alone until midnight on Christmas Eve and most of the day on Christmas Day (you know approximately 10am-midnight). My plan is to go to a homeless shelter or children's hospital to volunteer. Just an idea you may want to consider. I know if I stay at home, I'll just miss my family and be sad about not being with my chef!

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!
Gobble Gobble.

JC_DCW Dallas