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Friday, November 21, 2008

Chef Doctor

Just when I thought I've exhausted the avenues of all things that trouble wives of chefs, I have realized that getting a doctor's appointment is damn near impossible. My chef is off on Sundays and Mondays. Sundays are a waste as far as doctors go, and Mondays are not much better. My chef sleeps in until about noon on Mondays, then takes a nap from 1-3PM. But at least he's able to alter that for one day if needed. Erik doesn't have a car but luckily we live across the street from the doctor and one train stop away from the dentist. Don't get my started on the sleep lab though. Since Erik is getting a sleep test done he has to stay all night at the lap until 3PM the next day. I tried explaining to the receptionist, that he can only come in on Monday, but he'll have to take Tuesday off, which is a nightmare, because then he's not off on Sunday. And who is going to pick him up at 3PM since I've got meetings on Mondays?? AHH. This is so annoying. Perhaps a taxi is needed.

The point is there needs to be special services just for chefs. Like a chef doctor that open on Sundays all day and all other days from midnight to 3AM. He'd get a lot of patients and he could specialize in drug and alcohol rehab, high cholesterol diets, and stress tests. Then the chef services would catch on and the dry cleaners would be open late along with the bank, DMV, and bookstores. All of these chef accommodations might lead to more people wanting to go to culinary school and we don't really need any more of that. I suppose nothing is completely perfect.


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One Fat Chef said...

I agree with these special chef services and hours. I would love it if the bank would stay open later for me.