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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Meal

The men who feed us have got to be fed themselves. They work hours and hours over the heat of the line to serve the patrons who grace their restaurants each night. They prepare fabulous food that earns them stars, ratings, and silver flatware. But each night they also work up an appetite that is fed by the family meal. 

Whether you call if family meal, crew meal, or staff meal, it's a lunch/dinner made by a member or several members of the kitchen staff to be eaten by the entire staff throughout the night. At Perry St, things can get interesting around family meal time. 

They've made several pieces of artwork from the food, but this one is my favorite. Putting this amount of meatloaf into one large loaf would take too long to cook so they came up with this prideful delight. 



Anonymous said...

That is both hilarious and disgusting.

Kta's Blog said...

Hey Eric ,is Fernando ,from brazil.I'm happy you guys still cooking meatloaf my way.miss you Fernando.