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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pressure Cooker Documentary Screening

Wednesday, December 10th, Pressure Cooker will be screening at the IFC Film Center. This documentary, directed by Jennifer Grausman and Mark Becker, is near and dear to my heart since it was inspired by the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), founded in 1990 by Richard Grausman.

From their website: "C-CAP works with public schools across the country to prepare underserved high school students for college and career opportunities in the restaurant and hospitality industry. A national nonprofit, C-CAP manages the largest independent high school culinary scholarship program in the United States. Since 1990, C-CAP has awarded students $25 million in scholarships and donated $2.2 million worth of supplies and equipment to classrooms."
To purchase tickets visit: http://www.ifccenter.com/index

Three seniors at Philadelphia's Frankford High School find an unlikely champion in the kitchen of Wilma Stephenson. A legend in the school system, Mrs. Stephenson's hilariously blunt boot-camp method of teaching Culinary Arts is validated by years of scholarship success. Against the backdrop of the row homes of working-class Philadelphia, she has helped countless students reach the top culinary schools in the country. And under her fierce direction, the usual distractions of high school are swept aside as Erica, Dudley and Fatoumata prepare to achieve beyond what anyone else expects from them.

Hope you get a chance to go!



Anonymous said...

That sounds really great - much better than the kitchen/chef reality show garbage that's on TV. I hope I get a chance to see it!

melissa said...

This looks cool! I'm going to try to go.