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Friday, November 14, 2008

Job Hazards

I can't really talk in specifics, but my chef is working so hard that it is taking a serious toll on him. I haven't seen him work this hard since his days as a young, fresh line cook traveling 5 hours to and from work. And of course this is inducing a tremendous amount of stress on me because I just want Erik to have the smoothest work schedule possible. It's a given that chefs work a lot of hours that are packing with sweat, blood, and tears but sometimes the threshold of stress and exhaustion is pushed to the limits. I wish I could fly us both away for the weekend, but we're both too responsible to leave work behind.


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ChefDelbert said...

I'll have a Catering Chef position open in less than six months or so. Won't pay as much as New York, but it is in Ohio and pretty stress free. Could be the right balance to start that family ....