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Monday, May 5, 2008

In His Second Life (contest!)

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Sometimes I wonder what my chef would be doing if he wasn't a chef. And I don't mean food purveyor, restaurateur, or caterer. I mean what NON FOOD job would he have? How different would my life be? Would I live in Jersey City? Would I have kids by now? Would I need a blog to vent my lonely heart to? Probably yes to the last one because if he's not dedicated in this way, he's dedicated in another.

Erik was a serious drummer starting at the sweet age of six. Upon graduating high school he would have become some kind of studio drummer. Again, working odd hours and possibly traveling. Doesn't sound much better.

Then I think about his dream job, the job that he'll never get but he thinks would make him a bad ass. According to Erik he'd want to be a spy. (I have to chuckle to myself as I write that.) And by spy he means a serious mission impossible/jason bourne/bond type of spy. Like I would marry a spy. Have you seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith? No way! But he can dream about it all he wants.

All I know is teaching and kids- it flows inside of me. If I had to do something totally not related to kids I think I would end up being some kind of personal organizer. I can organize and sort like its no body's business, but that's no fun. My bad ass dream job would be a detective. Someone also very bad ass a la Olivia Benson, Law and Order SVU. "Manhattan SVU, I need a bus!" I love that show. And yes I've been caught talking into my walkie (digital camera) asking for "backup". I think it's okay to dream about another life, another way of living that is completely different from your own.

So this contest is pretty straight forward. Leave a comment with your name/alias and email and I'll enter you to win a Desperate Chefs' Wives t shirt (medium). The comment topic comes in two parts.

  1. Tell me what your chef would be doing non-food related to make money.

  2. Tell me what your chef would be doing to fulfill his secret dreams. (totally unrealistic)

  3. Feel free to share your dream jobs, too!

Thanks for entering. I will pick a winner next Sunday the 11th. You'll have to respond to the email I send within 48 hours to win. Good Luck!



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Anonymous said...

Chef says he'd be an architect or designer of some kind.

His secret dream is probably to be in the Rolling Stones. What he'd be doing to fulfill this, I have no idea.

My dream job would be steady work on a TV serial that shoots in NYC so I wouldn't have to commute to LA.


Anonymous said...

My chef started school for Engineering at Cornell University...so I would have to say Engineer.

Secret dream....it would be a toss up between Woodcrafter...he built a desk for our daughter and now dreams up all sorts of things he NEEDS to build.... and Pro Bass Fisherman....a few days ago he was fishing and a bass broke the line just as he was about to grab him. This bass was THE ONE and that is why my chef came home soaked from head to toe with cuts all over his legs. He couldn't just LET him get away without a fight!

I'm married to a chef and have 2 kids. I DON'T get out much!!!!
So, my secret dream at this point is to be going to all the great restaurants that everyone assumes I frequent...OR...have my chef cook at home as much as these people think. =)

Love your blog!


Anonymous said...

My husband has never been anything but a cook, and I don't think the idea of another career has ever crossed his mind. Like most other chefs, he is great with his hands, so I can imagine him sculpting big blocks of marble into dramatic fountains. As long as marble sculptors get to yell at people, that is.

In his wildest dreams, my Chef would tour with the Rolling Stones or become a middleweight boxing champion. In real life, he DOES play the guitar and spend time at the boxing gym, but he's not quite ready for Madison Square Garden - in either field.

As for me, I would like to take over Jeffrey Steingarten's job, even if that means appearing on Iron Chef ocassionally.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't take points off for poor spelling. I was a spelling bee champ in sixth grade, I swear!

Anonymous said...

My chef was finishing up pharmacy tech school, and had one final left when he decided that he wanted to live out his dream of becomming a chef...but before that he was a glacier, and damn (excuse my language) good at it too...he's pretty good at a lot of things so I don't know...

As for my dream job, I always wanted to be a singer or do something with music...teaching, writing....but 3 kiddies doesn't leave much time for dreamin:)

Allie Tx