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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chef's Favorites

Some men follow sports via ESPN and the Times, but my husband follows food-specifically the NY 'scene'. I always knew he was uber-interested in reviews, ratings, and the like-but when I learned of his massive favorites links list, I was stunned. Actually, it wasn't the size of the list that sent me whirling it was the fact that he said he checks ALL of the sites DAILY, and many of them more than once. Whoa. So I asked Erik to send me his coveted list. I've added it to the left as a permanent fixture to this very blog. You may have seen some of these, but there also might be a few that are new to you. Overall, I want to add a flavor to the blog that it lacked. So there it is, straight from the chef's laptop in his coat closet sized office. And the best part: I know he's not the only one.



Katrina said...

My chef fiance is obessed with reviews too. Gotta love the obsessive-ness of the job. Totally not a word, but it fits.

Oh, and I'm Katrina, about to get married to a chef...and still waiting for him to get home right now. I hate mother's day weekend with a passion!

Hilary Battes said...

Welcome to the blog, Katrina. You are right on about the obsessiveness. And it's a word now, according to this blog. Gives me a great idea for a new post, too.