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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Desperate Chefs' Wives Radio!

Mike Colameco courtesy wor710.com

For those of you who only know me through my countless typing errors and web-based social chef observations-you're about to be awakened. I'll be a guest on WOR Radio's Food Talk with Mike Colameco this Monday, May 26. I am a little nervous about this. No more hiding behind the ability to click the delete key over and over. I'm going live, people!

The show airs weekdays 11 AM -12 PM and on Sundays 10 AM to noon and if you don't get 710AM radio in the New York area, then PLEASE podcast it via this link. Also, you can listen live, and play back the interview.


P.S. Top Chef really sucks this season. I am more than annoyed, yet I can't stop watching. Dale, if you read this blog-you are better off leaving when you did. It's only going down-hill.

ERIK READ THIS: DO NOT BUY A NEW KNIFE! I got you something way better for your birthday! It has nothing to do with herbs, aerogardens, wii games, or even laptops- but you'll love it.

KORIN: DO NOT sell a knife to my husband. He does NOT need a new Japanese knife.

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One Fat Chef said...

I think my bf needs to all Korin and tell them the same thing!