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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Winner of the T Shirt-BB!

BB and chef George Mendes

The day she joined the club.

Congrats to Miss BB for winning a DCW t shirt by commenting on my post about your chefs' [pipe] dream jobs. Bonna and I have been trying to meet in person now for while and I finally scheduled to give her the prize on Tuesday, but I forgot to bring it! Oh well, I guess we'll have to get together again.

Bonna is married to chef George Mendes formerly of Bouley, Tocqueville, and Wallse who is currently well on his way to opening a modern American resto at 31West 17th street. His new place is set to open this coming September. Will our bartender/actress BB be at the door? You'll have to be there opening night to find out. Check out George's bio and some museum worthy food pictures on his homepage.

I'm more than happy that BB won the shirt because she's such a great participant on this site. [Thanks!] We went for a quick drink with my bff chefwife J and once again realized all the similarities in our chefs including their huge egos. We love it though.


Update on Summer: She's home with me but on a serious amount of meds including a subcutaneous fluid therapy (the hanging bag of IV fluids). Thanks for all the love, Jami and everyone else who has been thinking about Summer.


Anonymous said...

We are definitely getting together again! And I hope kitty feels better soon.


Anonymous said...

Not living in NY, what kind of food is served at Momofuku?