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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Sans the Chef

Damn. I'm pissed now because when I get a Monday off it's like "wow, we're regular people. we get two days off, in a row, together!" But not this Monday, not this fantastic Memorial Day weekend. Erik's sous chef decided to take the weekend off to go to his great aunt's birthday party or something like that. All I know is now Erik has Tuesday and Thursday off. Beautiful. (note the sarcasm) Oh well, I'll be grading papers at the park this weekend gazing across the river at the P. But alas, this is life of a chef's wife. I accept this path in all its glory as well as non-glory.

As the unofficial spring board into summer, Memorial Day is a great time to start thinking about picnics. I love a good chat in the park under the sweet sun, over a soft blanket and surrounded by all the craziest, snobbiest, prettiest people in the world. I've caught wind of a new blog/club in the city that I presume would interest many of you. The Picnic Club, founded by two picnic lovers, and in it's freshman stages has yet to hold its inaugural picnic due to less than desirable weather. But when they do I think it's going to be great. These two seem to really know their picnics. From their original post:

The Picnic Club is a members-only club dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of the classic picnic, a prized relic of post-modern antiquity that we believe should be restored to its fullest capacity. In this effort, we, The Picnic Club, formed an organization to establish picnics at various parks and outdoor venues around NYC to bring together picnic enthusiasts of all colors, shapes and sizes, unified by an unrelenting rapture for gingham plaid, wicker baskets, pasta salad, and freshly cut watermelon.

I can smell the BLTs and potato salad now.

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