Speak Up

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm going to start a new recurring post topic based on the things my chefhusband says in his sleep. This all started about 5 years ago when he was on his externship at Jean-Georges. One night he got up, put his coat on and opened the bedroom door. I asked where he was going and he said he had to "inject baby tomatoes with a vinaigrette" at work. Uh....psycho! Ever since then I have been startled in the night to discover Erik talking about all sorts of food/work things. Sometimes I mess with him and tell him the purveyors never came and we are down two cooks. But sometimes I just say, "Don't worry TK [his counterpart chef] handled it".

So the latest in chefmumbles:
"I need dill and salsify"

Whatever, chef. I'm on it.



Anonymous said...

Cute picture.

Anonymous said...

He certainly can't cheat on you since sleeping would be a dead give away.

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical! No chefmumbles to report here, but you can bet this blog will be the first to know!


LA RN said...

My mumbler-in-the-night chef husband asked me once to "start cleaning the chantrelles". Another time he started mumbling, I asked, "What are you doing?" and he answered, "Don't ask, just get it done!". Boy I'm glad I don't work in a kitchen with my hubby!

Haha on messing with him! I wonder what you say in your sleep?

Hilary Battes said...

I can't believe he yelled at you in his sleep...how funny! I agree, I am so happy I don't work under my chef. WHat do I say in the night? Not much, I don't think. My mumbles would probably be along the lines of "When are you coming home??"

Anonymous said...

I had a wifemumble once, from a stressful night bartending. Apparently I said, "Makers Mark on the rocks?"