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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Simmer Down

Despite my fear that there was nothing chefwife-related left on the Internet, I met Jessica Conant-Park via Myspace. She is married to chef William Park and is thus a CHEFWIFE. Hooray! An author who writes books about a clever social worker and a cute chefboyfriend. The best part is that her depiction of this chefboyfriend is extremely accurate. My favorite line regarding the chefboyfriend in a possible bliss filled marital future: "As to the visions of [chefboyfriend] off feeding and tending to other people while our kids and I were home alone, well, it rubbed me the wrong way."

Is she in my mind? I fear the same thing! I hate knowing that my man is building beautiful meals for strange foodies while I'm at home eating Wheat Thins for dinner. So unfair.

Back to the book: only moments ago I finished the second book in her series of mysteries entitled: Gourmet Girl. The first book: Steamed, the second: Simmer Down (what I read) and the third to be released on March 4: Turn Up the Heat. Did I mention that Jessica writes alongside her mother Susan Conant-even more reason to read. The books even come with recipes from the story that her created. I cannot wait to try to the Sesame-Honey Vinaigrette.

I highly recommend reading these books-and I know you all have time on Saturday nights while again, your man is tending to the culinary needs of strangers. And aren't we all in the business of supporting each other? I'm so happy that Jessica has been given the opportunity to make the most of her knowledge about the culinary world and turn it into a delightful read.
Thanks Jessica! Looking forward too Turn Up the Heat!


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