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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ChefWife Toys

Hello All!
So thanks to chefwife Jessica Conant-Park (Gourmet Girls Mystery Series) I have been inspired to make a new poll. I've been thinking about getting some sort of promotional item to lure more viewers to the blog and create a general buzz to promote it. I've got my much needed business cards in the mail from my most favorite VistaPrint. I order EVERYTHING from there, and all kinds of things for work too that are FREE. And who doesn't love FREE?

I was wondering if you could do me the honor of voting on my new poll about which promotional item to get. If I so something like T shirts I would definitely have to charge, but it would be at cost. I'm not trying to make money off any chefswives and as you know most wives are not exactly rolling in the moolah. But we do deserve it. I would really like to get t shirts, because that is something that is totally functional too, but I might have to take pre-orders. A little much? Please vote and comment, this is for you! I want to to show my appreciation as well as ask your help in promoting my site in your area.

Thanks and don't forget to vote! If there is something else you think I can brand with "DCW" please let me know. Comment, or email anytime.



ctina said...

not to be too 1950s, but i think an apron or underwear would be cool. or more high road - t-shirt is good, or a waiter's corkscrew, or some sort of hat?

- ctina, nyc

ChefWife said...

I LOVE the apron idea. Something clever written on it, too...Actually, I like the corkscrew idea, too. I've been thinking about so many things, how did that pass me by?

Julie said...

I love the apron idea! I'm not sure how it will further get your name out but I think it is a very fun and cute idea.

s said...

I think a t-shirt would be great to have and i don't think the wives would mind paying for it. however, if you're looking for something free to hand out - the keychain or corkscrew are great ideas. can't wait to buy the t-shirt!
s - sonoma, ca (but moving soon to nyc)

Anonymous said...

I really like the apron idea, but that would limit your exposure to the chefs and wives that already know about you.
Maybe t-shirts, but I'm so finicky about t-shirts that I end up rarely wearing giveaways.

B from NYC

ChefWife said...

If I do make a shirt it will be worthy of all wives, don't worry about that. Hey, what about a tote bag? For lunch, picnics, books, work...huh?

piechild said...

I love the idea of a tshirt, just please make available, a shirt that is big enough for big boobs, but not so big that us well endowed chefwives are swimming in it either. ;-) What about a pin? those are cheap to make and anybody can slap it on their bag, bulletin board, etc.

Anonymous said...

How about a hat? Or a button?

ctina said...

A promo item button or patch or pin would be genius! Or perhaps a bumper sticker, though not many NYers have cars (i sure don't). Still like the corkscrew idea, though it's true it would have limited influence.

Anonymous said...

Just circling back on this one b/c I love the idea. I would most likely carry a tote bag before wearing a t-shirt. And my totes are always at the Greenmarket, so could run into other chefwives that way. :)

B from NYC