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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


One of the most dreaded holidays in chefwife history is Valentine's Day. Not only is it yet another table-for-one holiday, but on that chocolate covered, red-laced night your man is off cooking for couples making goo goo eyes at each other.

This is the first Valentine's that I have promised myself that I wouldn't spoil the chef. I am so bad about "blowing it out" with outrageously unnecessary gifts on holidays because for some reason I carry a heavy load of guilt. But that's another story. We have decided on $20 gifts fo each other. We'll be dining at Tailor where my husband's former tournant Eric Simpson works now. I hope I was allowed to say that. Oh, and needless to say it will NOT be on the actual Valentine's day. But you knew that.

So what are your plans? Add a comment or better yet answer the poll!


And what the heck do I get my chef for $20? Maybe a new book? Like he has time to read.


Anonymous said...

Chef and I used to have champagne and oysters sometime before Valentine's Day, but we missed it last year. This year I don't think we're doing anything either. I'll probably hang out with girlfriends, because all of them are suddenly single.


Anonymous said...

no plans...big surprise. i haven't even brought it up, mainly because i don't want to deal with the rejection. But Tailor is amazing, we went for the industry opening. You'll have a great time, even if it's not ON valentine's day :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, $20 gifts? Maybe one of those digital photo keychains, loaded up with pictures of you? I think they are about $20. Or you could go super-cheesy and get him a Whitman's sampler. That would be kinda funny. Oh oh oh, or Jacques Torres. Mmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, at this point, Valentine's Day has become about my son! He's got to bring in cards for his classmates and some sort of little treat bag. At least I'll one one man around that day...Although, you never know. Maybe we'll get lucky this year with Chef working at one of the airport Legal Seafoods? They probably aren't expecting to be bombarded with couples that night...

Anonymous said...

Usually, i don't really care about V-day, but i think this year it will be hot. Since my boyfriend is getting off around 12am....I am planning to surprise him at work and give him a personal dance lesson...........wink.