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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Perry St. Says Goodbye to Tyler Kord

Tyler Kord

Sous Chef TK and his Chef Erik Battes

Self proclaimed "Senior Extreme Sous Chef Commander of the Year" Tyler Kord the sous chef at Perry St. will fry his last rice cracker crusted tuna tonight. After two years of dedicated service this brilliant and charismatic chef will be leaving the Jean Georges nest and open his own restaurant in Brooklyn. My chef husband is happy for Tyler, but his departure is bittersweet. It is not the case in all restaurants, but the relationship between coworkers in restaurants, is more akin to a family than most other professions. Tyler and Erik were the only BOH management the restaurant had after the restaurant decided to cut down to only one sous chef. That meant that they constantly had to rely on each other for back-up and support. Tyler always said that if he could drink beer and smoke cigarettes while at work, he would never leave. And now I think he will get that opportunity with his own restaurant. No corporate office to answer to anymore! If he wants to serve a hot dog wrapped in a slice of pizza topped with Chinese chicken and broccoli for an amuse bouche, HE CAN!!! (and probably will)... I am going to be the first to say that Tyler's restaurant has the potential to be nothing but amazing, and I can't wait to see what he puts on the plate. As long as his personality shines through in his food, it will be something special.

And TK, I expect a comment on this.
Tyler reprimanding his successor, Omar for not having a beard as handsome and masculine as his own.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tylor for all the scrumptious dishes!!!

What kind of place is he opening? Like French or American???

Hilary Battes said...

The new place in Brooklyn will be a casual place with amazing food. Something like "the Spotted Pig" perhaps.

But I'm no expert. I'll share more as more develops.

Anonymous said...

i'm so handsome! i love being unemployed. i might not open a restaurant after all. if somebody would pay me to take naps then i'd be all set. but i will miss all of the incredible friends i've made at the p-street, especially my chefwife erik. i'll keep you posted on the restaurant. right now the status is that i opened a bank account, bought a filing cabinet, spent 3 hours talking to a landlord yesterday, and purchased a bucket of vodka. things look so good it's frightening. and i really will serve a hot dog wrapped in pizza, but the chinese food is optional. thanks for writing such a beautiful send off!

Kta's Blog said...

Dude i had the impression tha i was the best guy you ever met at Perry.No ofense to Paul and Eric but you were the best .Very proud of you Fernando, down here in Brasil.

Anonymous said...

man this tyler guy sounds like a cool guy to hangout with. i think the chinese on top is going a bit far unless its really hot and spicy.